San Jose Personal Injury Lawyer

Many personal injury law firms focus on minor accidents that are easier to settle — fender benders, whiplash, and routine cuts and scratches. At Janoff Law Group in San Jose, we handle cases with injuries that are serious and more complex.

We represent parties whose injuries changed their lives forever, and in many cases, ended them. These include such catastrophic injuries as severe burns, paralysis and quadriplegia, traumatic brain injury, birth injury and injuries occurring on the surgical table. If you have questions regarding your serious injuries following an accident in California, do not hesitate to consult with our law firm today.

Millions Obtained In Settlements For Our Clients

Clients appreciate our devotion to obtaining maximum compensation for serious injuries.
But catastrophic injury representation is not all we do. We do conventional personal injury cases as well — car accidents, slip-and-falls and on-the-job injuries. In addition, we represent workers who have been victims of sexual harassment on the job.

Clients know that when we take their side, they have a fierce advocate in their corner. They know they will be treated personally by attorney Jeffrey D. Janoff, not handed over to an associate or paralegal. And they have the security of our no recovery, no fee guarantee. You pay nothing in personal injury cases until we achieve a positive outcome for you.

Santa Clara County Medical Malpractice Attorney

Medical malpractice is a serious issue in California. That is why we provide aggressive representation when you are hurt because of a doctor's negligence. In worst-case scenarios, we represent surviving family members seeking compensation for the wrongful death of a father, mother or beloved child.

This level of claim requires advanced skills in an attorney: the ability to analyze complex situations, including medical records; the diligence to conduct extensive research on each case, teaming with expert authorities when necessary; and the aggressiveness to go after the maximum compensation possible, owing to the devastating impact of the injury.

At Janoff Law Group, we have these capabilities. For more than three decades, we have battled with insurance carriers, medical insurers and health care systems to acquire just treatment for our seriously injured clients.

Mediation Services At Janoff Law Group

In the mediation services part of our practice, we play the very different role of neutral facilitators in alternative dispute resolution methodologies — mediation and arbitration. We invite you to learn more about this low-cost, reduced-anxiety alternative to courtroom litigation.

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If you are dealing with the aftermath of a catastrophic injury, seek qualified representation. San Jose, California, personal injury attorney Jeffrey D. Janoff invites you to call him at 408-286-2300 to discuss compensation or to contact us online.